Cash Chand

Absolutely the best! Character building and fitness program for all ages! My life is changed forever! .

Doctor Inderjit Dadiala

Loving discipline! Grandmaster Eddie Kim is firm but fair. He really cares about each child! Love it! .

Mrs. Bansal

My child has more confidence and I see his life changing for the better! Thank you Grandmaster Kim!

Anthony Jarantilla

Learn from a master who spent his entire life perfecting the art of taekwondo. Grandmaster Kim brings out the best in you! Love it! .

Susan Larsen

I no longer worry about my child succeeding in life! All thanks to Grandmaster Eddie Kim really caring about each child! .

Trevor Bennett

World famous taekwondo family teaching original taekwondo! Why settle for anywhere else? The Jong Kim family is truly the BEST! .

Nick Somers

Instruction is first class! The people are the nicest around! A great atmosphere to grow in every respect! Thank you Grandmaster Eddie Kim! You’re awesome!.