Master Eddie Kim


Under the tutelage of world famous Grandmaster Jong Kim, Master Eddie Kim started his training at the age of four.  Under strict discipline from his father, GM Jong Kim, Master Eddie Kim reached his first degree black belt at an unprecedented age of 13 and opened his own school at the age of 15.  He commandeered the respect of young and old due to his disciplined and charismatic teaching style.

His accolades include winning best school competition award, designation with community involvement and charity organizations, recognition by surrey/delta community awards, and missionary work.  He has students who have been mentored from childhood to the status of medical doctor and pre-med students.

Master Eddie Kim has produced both taekwondo and kick-boxing national champion fighters.  At the present time, he coaches ring fighting warriors in the field of boxing and kick-boxing.

He holds the rank of 7th degree black belt in taekwondo and is nearing grandmaster status in the upcoming years.  He also holds a rank of 5th degree black belt in Tukido.

Allow Master Kim’s 39 years of martial arts experience be in your corner.  Whether it is for self defence or championing life to its fullest, he assures success in every avenue of life!